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  • Which material is the most sustainable choice?
18k gold is the most durable option. It's more expensive but it will last a lifetime, so you should see it as an investment.
Up next is silver and in third place gold-plated silver. The latter is a layer of gold that is applied op top of a solid silver piece of jewellery, over time this can fade. 
To prevent this from happening fast we choose to apply a thick layer of gold so your jewellery last years. Or course, if the layer of gold ends up fading, we are here for you to restore your piece of jewellery to it's former glory. 

  • Why do we prefer to work with lab grown diamonds?
Laboratory diamonds are as real as natural diamonds. They are categorized in the same way (based on cut, color, clarity, carat). This way you are sure that your diamond has the same quality as a natural one. 
The only difference is in the way they are manufactured. As the name suggests, this is done in a lab. Therefore we have a 100% guaranty that they are both conflict free diamonds and everyone got paid a fair wage.
A nice extra: thanks to their faster manufacturing process they are less expensive than their natural counterparts.

Would you like to know more about ethical diamonds? Then be sure to read this article.

  • I would like a piece of jewellery with a natural diamond, is that possible?
Of course it is! We are here to provide you with the piece of jewellery from your dreams! Do you have a (recycled) diamond that you would like to have incorporated in a custom-made piece of jewellery or do you want us to look for a diamond that is 100% conflict-free? Please feel free to contact us and together we will look into the possibilities.

  • Recycled precious metals - what does this mean?
All our jewellery is made with recycled silver or gold. This means that the metals used to make your jewel are already in circulation. Therefore we do not contribute to mining pollution.

  • We would like to have wedding/engagement ring(s) made, how long in advance should we make an appointment?
The sooner the better!
This way we can start the designing process and have the space to create your dream rings. 

Once we had that first appointment & you are convinced about the design I can start making your rings in my atelier. 
The actual manufacturing process takes about 8 to 12 weeks (depending on the complexity of your design) before it is fully finished & ready to be picked up. 
Any questions about timing of the jewel in general? Feel free to send an email to so we can discuss the possibilities.


  • I do not know my ring size. What is the best way to measure it?

There are several ways to do this, let me list them for you:

1. If you want to be 100% sure about your size, choose the option "ring sizer".
Choose the option: "ring sizer" when you order your ring.
You order and pay your ring in the material of your choice, but you will first receive a ring sizer so you can measure your size easily and very precisely.
I will contact you via email to get your accurate ring size so I can start creating your ring.
This is the most convenient way and you are sure your ring will fit.

2. Measure an existing ring.
This is the easiest "do it yourself" way. You measure the (inside!) diameter of your existing ring with a ruler. Then use the table below to convert the measured diameter into the correct ring size.
Beware: this option is more prone to mistakes. 

Circumference mm  Diameter mm Ring size
46 14,6 46
48 15,3 48
50 16 50
52 16,5 52
54 17,2 54
56 17,8 56

  • Why does it take several weeks for ordered jewellery to be delivered.

Every jewel is made with love and by hand. These things take time.
We do our best to send your jewellery to you as soon as possible.
Do you need your piece of jewellery by a specific date? Feel free to contact me and we will look into the possibilities together.

Ps: looking for a last minute gift? I always have some jewels in stock, just give me a quick call and I'll make sure we'll find the perfect piece!

  • Or Service has the "Erkend Ambacht" label, but what does this mean exactly?

The label is the legal recognition of me as a craftsmen by the craftsmen committee of the federal government.
This recognition confirms the authentic character, the manual manufacturing process and my know-how as a jewellery designer.
In short, you can be completely sure that I design and make each piece of jewellery myself.

  • Or Service has been recognised by with the "Ik koop Belgisch"-label, but what does this mean exactly? 

This label, owned by Flanders DC, recognises Belgian owned and created brands. 
This recognition confirms that every single piece of jewellery is an original Belgian design and is fully created in Belgium.

  • Or Service is one of the brands within the COSH! community, but what does this mean exactly?

COSH is a platform where sustainable brands and stores are listed. The brands and stores you can find on are therefore definitely sustainable. Or Service is part of the COSH! community, thus is endorsed by them as a sustainable brand after research.